How To Find Your Passion

Working on something and giving your efforts aimlessly without knowing what you should actually do, the result your energy and efforts are getting waste. Before contributing your energy & time on something you should sit and think about, are you really doing what you should actually do? are you really contributing your tie & energy on something meaningful?

So today i am going to explain you a simple method which can help you in finding what you should actually do. I probably use this method myself whenever i am stuck in something. I called this method an evaluation method, where you evaluate the choice one by one until you find what you should actually do.

So first of all take one paper/book/notepad & pen/pencil whatever you want. Then write any 10 things going on in your mind, kindly write only 10 things as it will be easy to evaluate, writing more than 10 choices will be little bit more confusing. So write 10 things on a sheet and then select any 3 things from that, whichever picks your interest most. Then from those 3 things select any one which picks your interest most. That probably can be your passion, but in some cases their may be the case where you still haven’t got any idea about your passion.

In my case it was at the age of 21 when i got my passion discovered, before that i was probably working as a choreographer and was running my event company. So if you haven’t found your passion then you don’t have to worry about it, today or else tomorrow you will definitely found your passion. You can also use this method in your business or in day to day to life.

So if you find this method helpful then share it with your friends and family so that it can be helpful to them too.

-Vivek Maheshwari

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