How A Fake Smile Can Cost You A Million Dollars

Have you ever thought, that a single fake smile can cost you a million of dollars? Have you ever thought, that giving an unwanted fake smile can cost you your business loss? In today’s world everyone is living a fake life, except few. And that few are the people’s, of whom we hear in our day to day life. They are the millionaires & billionaires, i don’t think i have to give you some names.

So what made them millionaire & billionaire? The answer is simple, their hard work. But it was not only their hard work who made them successful, it was also their smile. A smile which shows a true appreciation of meeting somebody. A smile which shows how grateful they are by meeting them. And that’s the thing which made them who they are today.

Have you ever noticed? why child get all the things they want? and why the elder’s can’t get anything? Let me give you an example, just imagine that a child of nearly 8 to 9 months is sitting next to you, the child looks at you and smile. What would be your reaction? Will you give a child a fake smile? or will you give him a smile with full of happiness? Of course it will be a smile full of happiness. So what’s the child wanted to achieve, he achieved. The child’s sincere smile, earned him/her a attention and love what the child wanted to achieve.

The same fundamentals goes in business. No one wants to see your fake smile, no one is interested in seeing your fake self. Every one wants to do business with such person who really appreciate working with them. So not in short term, but in long term it will definitely cost you a million of dollars. If you can’t appreciate working with them, then you are not going to get business anymore. Because if you will not, then someone else will definitely appreciate working with them.

So if you want to grow your business, then you must learn how to give a smile full of appreciation.

-Vivek Maheshwari

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