How To Earn Money With Zero Investment | Inspired By Gary Vee

Welcome back guys.

I hope you are having a great day. So in our today’s article i am just going to share the business idea which you can start with zero investment. Actually this was the idea which i had found by watching the video of Mr. Gary Vee. It’s the same yet little bit different, as i have added some more ideas which you can apply. So without further ado lets start.

So as per Mr.Gary we can start a business with zero investment, that’s sound cool, Right? now what Mr.Gary has described is very simple, and even the students studying in school can do it. So it’s the idea which anyone can use to earn money. Now what you have to do is just you have to go craigslist it’s a website where you can get the second hand product for free under the sales section. But it may be possible that in some country they may not have the craigslist.

So what you should do if you are not having a craigslist? It’s simple just use the referrals you have, take out all of your contacts search from top to bottom, send messages, make a call, just to let them know that you are doing this kind of business. So the problem of craigslist is solve.

Mr.Gary has described that you can sell those free goods on facebook market place. But i think you can start it on instagram too. In india they are having olx and quickr , i don’t know much about it. Either you are having some similar apps or site or not. But you just have to find the client and sell those things you have bought.

Now the second case. And what’s that? That’s the case where you are not getting any free product. Or no one is willing to give their products in free. So just let me tell you, what you can do in that situation. Just ask the client the present value of the good, on what price they want to sell. Don’t worry you don’t have to buy that product, now just ask the value, now decide how much commission you want to take on that product to sell. Now i think you have understood what i want to say. It’s simple just take the photo of the product they want to sell, upload it wherever you want to sell those product. Now what you to do, it’s simple just charge commission, not from the client. Just add the charge exclusive on product and sell it. Give the required amount to the client and the rest money is yours.

So both the way are one and the same, or you can similar to each other. Both the ideas will give you money without investing anything. So hope you will find it useful. See in our next article. Bye.

-Vivek Maheshwari

So this are some book recommendation from my side, this books are written by Mr.Gary Vee (To buy or not to buy depends on you, just watch it once, no money for watching)

How great entrepreneur build their business :

Ask Garyvee :

The thank you economy :

Think like gary vee :

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