Don’t Start Business Until You Watch This

Welcome Back Guys.

So are you thinking of starting a business? Are you thinking of running a successful business? Then this one is exactly for you. Today i am going to tell you about some habits, which you should avoid if you want to do business or want to run a successful business. So this are the 5 habits you should avoid or you should leave if you are doing the same.

Habit Number 1

Spending more time with friends – If you are one of those guys who like to spend most of their time, with their so called best friends, then the business is not for you. If you can’t leave this habit, then you should go and do a job. If we talk practically, then business need more efforts while it’s on starting stage, and if you are wasting most of your time while being with friends, then their is 100% guarantee that your business is going to fail. So if you are thinking of starting a business, first of all leave this habit.

Habit Number 2

Addiction – Consumption of tobacco or alcohol on irregular basis or at the time of some occasions is perfectly okay. If you are doing it once or twice in a month its totally fine, but if are addicted to such things, then i am sorry to say but then the business is not for you. The reason is simple, the amount which you will earn through business, will be invested more in addiction then work. So it will increase your addiction plus it will make loss in your business. So if you are addicted then you should leave this habit, and if you are not addicted, so congratulation now just stay away from it.

Habit Number 3

Social Media Geek – If you are the one who spend his/her whole time on social media, wait i think waste is the more appropriate word. So if you are one of those guys who waste his whole time on social media by just seeing posts posted by someone else. Then please its a request, kindly take the business thought out of your mind. Business needs time contribution from your side to grow. So if you want to grow your business then be on social media for promoting yourself, not to like or share someone else posts.

Habit Number 4

Laziness – Are you the king or queen of laziness? If yes then business is not for you. Sometime in business you have to take active decisions. You have to be actively present at your business time. If you are one of those guys who loves to sleep more than doing work, or if you are one of those who thinks of procrastinating your work. Then kindly do not enter into the field of business. So leave this habit if you want to run your business successfully.

Habit Number 5

Anger – I know some people out their who even gets angry when someone asks them why are they angry? So first of all keep this in mind, business is a group sports, it’s not a 100 meter race where you can run alone and win. Business can only get successful when they have employee who can complete the certain criteria of task for you. So if you are one of those angry birds, who gets angry on each and everything, then kindly leave your habit, so that your business can grow properly.

So this are the 5 habits you should avoid if you want to get your business successful. And one more thing employee are not the liability of business, they are the assets.

-Vivek Maheshwari

So this are some recommendation of books from my side ( to buy or not to buy it’s your decision, just going and checking it out will not cost you money)

Zero to One :

Easy way to stop addiction:

Profit with Social media:



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