3 Things You Should Know About Annoying Clients

Hey guys, welcome back to our website. From today onward we are only going to post articles every Sunday, due to heavy workloads.

So as we all know, some or many such clients who are very annoying or by working with them we make loss in our business or in our career. So in today’s article i am going to tell you about the three habits, which i had personally experienced in my business. If you notice this three things in any clients, kindly stay away from them or further more its your choice.

So the here are those three reasons which you should notice in clients before taking their work or before doing any business with them.

Number 1 : Bargain.

Doing bargain is normal in our life, but this guys are on another level. They will try to reduce your rates not just 10% or 20%, but more than 50%, can you imagine? This clients will try to show you your benefits in such a way, that you will definitely found it soothing and beneficial to your service or business.

Now let me share you my personal experience. As i from India we have rupees currency here, but imagine that currency in your own country value. So their was one client who approached me from their maternity photography, and ultimately i charged as usual Rs 6000 for just photography, that client bargained on such level that they usually cut the rates directly to Rs 2500. And they showed me such such benefits which i can’t even describe. So don’t fall for this trait, and notice this first thing in your client. If they cut off your rates or bargain on high level, don’t just go on undervaluing yourself.

Number 2 : Want more service in lesser value.

So if you face such client who tries to acquire more service in a lesser value. So please directly say no to such clients, because if you even agreed a single time on a single thing, they are literally going to follow you to the hell for that thing. Never try to undervalue your service for anything or for anyone.

Now my personal experience regarding this situation is very bad. I think it’s already 5 to 6 months, when i had taken the contract from one person in just Rs 5000 and by mistake i agreed on one thing that i will give them a short video of photos as they demand nut a simple one. I gave the video to that client, but the video they actually wanted, was the service we actually provide to those clients, who pay us more than Rs 18000 for their photography. Now still they are calling me daily for getting that service, as i already said they will follow you to the hell. So point number two, ask clearly to the clients about their service, and yes never decrease the value of your service for anyone, otherwise it will be a grave mistake.

Number 3 : Working on their conditions.

Annoying clients will always try to make you go down in flow with their conditions. They will try to make you agree on their each and every conditions. They will try to each and every way to make you agree on their condition. But never make this mistake, if the client can’t work on your condition just leave them as they are, never approach again to such client. Otherwise the time will not be so far when you are going to make loss in your career or in your business.

Now the thing what i had faced once in such similar situation is, when we were talking about the work, we means me and the client. I asked them to sign a contract before starting a shoot, but the person told me that he can’t sign the contract due to blah blah reasons, i can’t tell you the reason because the list of reasons is too long, and i don’t remember much now. So he just told me the reasons and after that he started to show the conditions which was favorable, i can also say totally favorable to his side. And as it was the first time for me, that i faced such situation, i agreed on his condition. That was the contract where i faced the loss of more than Rs 20000. So never agree on the clients condition fully, otherwise their are the chances that you will also face the same loss as i did.

So this are the 3 things you should avoid to get in contract with the annoying clients. Because even a single annoying client can became the obstacle in the speed of growth for your business.

So see you again in my next article.

-Vivek Maheshwari

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