Who Is Vivek Maheshwari?

Vivek Maheshwari is the Founder & CEO of I Revolution Studio & VMedia Society. Vivek Maheshwari is an entrepreneur and from last three years he is working as a professional photographer & cinematographer.

Vivek has recently started the VMedia Society to help the small business in growing and raising their business. With the aim of helping people to develop their mind and business, Vivek has started the journey to influence the million of people towards business. 

Vivek is holding a record in photography of doing non stop photography for 16 hours. Plus he is aiming to take his business to much larger scale to generate more employment opportunities for the people.

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Vivek Maheshwari’s Story:

Vivek Maheshwari was born in a city Surat which is situated in Gujarat State in India. Including him their was 7 family members in total in his family. Vivek was an average student during his schooling period. At the age of 12 he got the craze of dancing and joined the dance class to learn further into his dancing field. Within 2 months of joining the class, he started teaching dance at the same place.

At that time Vivek first salary was 250rs in indian currency. So at the age of 12 he earned his first wage. Soon he was not able to see his growth at that place so after compilation of 1 year he left the class and continued to dance. After 1 and a half year of break he got a chance to teach dance at some other class, after 3 months as he faced the exploitation their he left the class and started taking personal batches. After leaving the class he started teaching dance in wedding functions and at schools as a choreographer.

At the age of 21 he left his dancing as he was not getting enough income through his dancing career. Before leaving his dancing career he started his own dance studio three times but each time he failed. In between he started his own event company twice, under the name of all event planning & catering and signature value events, but once again he failed. He also worked at many part time jobs. He worked in medical store, hardware store, and at many different places from where he was earning 2500 – 3000rs monthly.

In the year 2016 when he was 21 he finally found his passion in the field of photography. And as a result in the year 2016 the I Revolution Studio was founded. And from then till now he is growing his business continuously. And recently he has started the company under the name of VMedia Society.

As the consequences what he faced in his life he wants to help other business and persons so that they don’t have to go through the rough time as he does.

More detailed story will be published soon.

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