Tips For Taking Great Food Commercial Photographs

1: Understand the client’s photo needs There tend to be two main scenarios when it comes to food photography. Sometimes the client will have a menu of dishes prepared and you need to shoot as many as possible in a given time frame, OR the client has one particular dish or menu item that they want highlighted. ThisContinue reading “Tips For Taking Great Food Commercial Photographs”

Things You Must Know For Taking Best Slow Motion Footage

1. Shutter Speed Our brain can not distinguish beyond 30 frame per second. By filming anything faster than that it can be put on a 30fps timeline and it will play back slower. For example, filming at 60fps is 2 times slower than real time. The iPhone 6 shoots at 240 fps, is 8 timesContinue reading “Things You Must Know For Taking Best Slow Motion Footage”

Tips For Shooting Interesting B-Rolls

1. Match Your B-Roll’s Mood to That of the Entire Video You probably have an idea of how you’d like your final film, and certain key sequences within it, to turn out. Use that aesthetic as a guide when you start planning b-roll, but don’t confine yourself to it entirely. Is there a scene full of high-energy action?Continue reading “Tips For Shooting Interesting B-Rolls”

Tips To Improve Your Cinematography Skills

1.  Go Forth – There is no set path to becoming a cinematographer I started The Wandering DP Podcast to get cinematography tips from some of the world’s best DPs.  My career is just beginning and maneuvering through all the information out there on developing as a DP can be all but impossible.  In everyContinue reading “Tips To Improve Your Cinematography Skills”

How To Get Better Long Exposure Photographs

1. Avoid vibration of any kind Make sure that your camera and tripod are on a steady, balanced surface. Some photographers even put something heavy on the tripod (like sand bags) to add some weight to it. The extra weight will make the tripod and camera sturdier. In addition to the extra weight, it will helpContinue reading “How To Get Better Long Exposure Photographs”

How To Get Successful As A Street Photographer

1: Choosing the best lens Deciding which lens to use is one of the most important factors for street photography. You may be tempted to use a telephoto lens, but that’s more than likely to result in more harm than good. You don’t want to be that creepy person standing across the road aiming aContinue reading “How To Get Successful As A Street Photographer”

Tips For Taking Great Underwater Photographs

1. Safety first The first rule of underwater photography is safety – you’re dealing with an entirely different set of issues as soon as you step off dry land and you need to be aware of how to keep yourself and the wildlife around you safe. Richard Carey is a certified PADI diving instructor andContinue reading “Tips For Taking Great Underwater Photographs”

Tips For Taking Cool Vintage Photographs

1. Study Old Film Cameras to Recreate Their Style Take a look at the limitations and expectations of the cameras, lenses, and even filters used in the past. You need to know this to replicate their look with your current equipment. Film cameras had a natural softness to them and lacked in contrast. They also didn’t have great low light capability. TheContinue reading “Tips For Taking Cool Vintage Photographs”

How To Take Beautiful Time Lapse Photographs

1 .- Plan, plan, plan …  As the Chinese proverb says, if I had ten hours to chop down a tree, I would use seven in sharpening the ax. If we are going to make a “time-lapse” of a sunset, it makes no sense to do 30 miles by car loaded with our gear toContinue reading “How To Take Beautiful Time Lapse Photographs”

Tips To Become A Successful Stock Photographer

1. Treat it like a business The more business-like you treat stock photography, the more success you will have with it. A casual approach will bring casual returns. There’s no problem with this if it’s what you want. If you’re serious about making real money from stock photography set up a business right from theContinue reading “Tips To Become A Successful Stock Photographer”