Bravery Is Better Than Slavery

Be brave enough to cross all the limits for your dreams, Be brave enough to work hard for your dreams, Don’t become the slave of laziness or procrastination, Because becoming a slave will destroy your life. -Vivek Maheshwari Inspirational Quotes Wallpaper:

Books Or Experience

Knowledge from books are just for preparing your mind, The knowledge which you get from books will not help you in real life. That’s why it is said that the knowledge you get from books, Cannot replace the knowledge gained from self experiences. -Vivek Maheshwari Inspirational Quotes Wallpaper:

Be A Sword

Life is full of problems, Just sitting and expecting that your good time will come, Doesn’t going to take you anywhere. So it’s better to solve your own problems. So be a sword which can cut each and every problem of life. -Vivek Maheshwari Inspirational Quotes Wallpaper:

Face The Change

It’s the period of constant changes, Where you have to change yourself as per time, You have to leave your old self behind, So that you can grow and develop yourself. -Vivek Maheshwari Inspirational Quotes Wallpaper:

Manage Your Needs

If you want more money, Then learn to control your needs. Spending money aimlessly doesn’t going to take you anywhere, So if you want to have more money in your hands! Then spend less on the things which are not useful. -Vivek Maheshwari Inspirational Quotes Wallpaper:

Play A Good Game

Enjoy your life, Like you enjoy the games, But if you are really playing a games, Then play a good. -Vivek Maheshwari Inspirational Quotes Wallpaper:

Eyes On Your Aim

Achieving success is same as flying high, But achieving success is not the end of road. No matter how much you achieve, Never forget to keep your feet on earth. -Vivek Maheshwari Inspirational Poster’s For Wall:

Decide Your Destiny

You will meet different types of people in life, And some of them are uninvited so-called suggestion giver, Who will give you the suggestion on what you should do in your life, So just ignore those uninvited guests and decide your own destiny. -Vivek Maheshwari Inspirational Poster’s For Wall: reading “Decide Your Destiny”

Credit For Success

Life is journey where you will face many failures, But no one will be held accountable for your failure. But whenever you will achieve the greatest success in your life, Everyone you know will be their to take credit for your success. -Vivek Maheshwari Inspirational Poster’s For Wall:

Demand And Supply

Everyone thinks of getting greatest achievements, Everyone thinks of getting greatest success, Everyone have a greater demand in life, But no one want to give efforts, No one wants to struggle, No one wants to give enough supply to achieve what they need. -Vivek Maheshwari Inspirational Poster’s For Wall: reading “Demand And Supply”